• Michele Malo My personal training program will empower you to change your life in the comfort of your own environment. Look Better, Feel Better and Live the life you deserve!

  • Take it OutsideWithout fancy equipment or complicated moves, you can do a boot-camp workout anywhere—a park, a playground, even a parking lot. And taking your sweat session outside has some serious perks: When researchers compared the mental benefits of an outdoor workout with an indoor one, 71 percent of the fresh-air exercisers felt less tense afterward, while 72 percent of the cooped-up crew felt even more stressed.

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Our Testimonials
Leslie DeFrisco
If I had to describe my experience with Michele in one word it would be real. She sets real and attainable goals for you. In fact, you set them with her. She teaches your how to be successful in real life situations. She understands that everyone's journey is unique and real to them. She will provide you with real results and give you tips that really work. Her energetic personality is real. Michele is the REAL DEAL! she will not disappoint. I have gained so much mentally and physically from Michele.
Caryn Straus
Simply put, Wellcome Home owner Michele Malo is qualified in every way to be the complete trainer.She is always focused on the needs of her client whether they beyoung athletes, folks needing to get started on strength, agilityand cardio or like myself, a seventy something woman with specialneeds.Michele is skilled at networking with other trainers and physicaltherapists to make sure the program she sets up for a clientmeet the the necessary needs to keep you injury free.I highly recommend Wellcome Home for your fitness needs.
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